All Levels Welcome!

Introductory Program:  $20

No previous experience: 1 – 20 minute semi-private lesson and 1 one hour group class.

Previous experience: 2 – one hour group classes.

All Intros must to be scheduled in advance.  Walk ins will not be available.   Please e-mail to schedule:

Registration Fee: $30

Includes MD Thai Boxing T-Shirt.

Regular Program:

2 one hour classes per week (or 8 classes per month).

Masters Program:

Unlimited Training

Gold Team:

(Instructors Candidate Program – Invitation only)

Tuition ranges from $120 – $150 per month based on which program you choose. Beginning Jan 1st 2009, Maryland Thai Boxing will be implementing yearly training agreements.  We will also only be accepting a limited number of new students each month.  Please contact us for more information and to set up your introductory lesson.

What We Teach

All Levels Welcome!
 Beginner Thai Boxing:

This class will concentrate on the proper form of all the basics. Students will learn strikes, defenses against strikes, proper footwork, and basic combinations. All students are welcome to attend this class, but remember that the focus is on the BASICS.

Muay Thai – Thai Boxing:

This is a fast paced class that will concentrate on traditional Muay Thai. Muay thai is the national sport of Thailand. Thai Boxing, as it is called in the USA, uses strikes from the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Thai Boxing is an extremely effective form of self-defense and can create a strong ring fighter in a short period of time. Maryland Thai Boxing is affiliated with the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. The T.B.A. was founded by Ajarn Chai Sirisute in 1968. It is the oldest and largest Thai Boxing Association in the USA.


Traditional Japanese Arts of Grappling. Judo emphasizes more of the Throwing and pinning portion of grappling. The Jujutsu emphasizes the Self Defense aspects of all ranges of grappling. Throws, Joint locks (standing and on the ground), Chokes and other various Submissions.


Kali–Silat from thePhilippines and Indonesiais an extremely efficient weapons and empty hand martial arts system. Known mostly for the use and defense of weapons, Kali-Silat is made up of 12 areas of study. And it includes some of the most effective empty hand systems in the Martial Arts. Kali-Silat is an awesome form of self defense for the street. It also excels in developing speed, timing, body mechanics, agility and the use of both the right and left side of the body.

Here at Maryland Thai Boxing we primarily train in the Inosanto System of Kali-Silat. But, we will train some drills from other systems.

Guro Dan Inosanto developed the system over many years of study with over 30 different Master Instructors. If you want real world street self defense, you will definitely get it with our Kali-Silat class.